2019 APEC International Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

歡迎由教育部主辦、國立臺北科技大學執行的「2019 APEC國際青年創新創業論壇」- YIE APEC ,來自15個APEC區域經濟體,包括馬來西亞、香港、越南、墨西哥、菲律賓、印尼、巴布亞紐幾內亞、俄羅斯、澳洲、日本、紐西蘭、秘魯、美國、加拿大與韓國等約50位青年學子,與我國對於創新創業議題有興趣或已投入新創行列的青年共同參與論壇及 AVR 參觀體驗。


此次透過「2019 APEC國際青年創新創業論壇」活動,可以讓亞太地區的青年學子在與專家學者交流的過程中能瞭解我國之創業環境與創新教育,進而鼓勵亞太青年來臺就學與創業,並藉由雙向的交流分享,促進國際間意見交換與經濟整合。


Welcome the 2019 APEC International Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum to Digi Space!! The 2019 YIE APEC is hosted by the Ministry of Education and implemented by the National Taipei University of Science and Technology, there are approx. 50 young students and entrepreneurs from 15 APEC regional startups, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, the United States, Canada and South Korea joining with young people who are interested in or have invested in innovative and entrepreneurial issues in Taiwan. Today’s forum is focused on the theme of women’s entrepreneurship, and they invited three female entrepreneurs to the participants to share the journey of entrepreneurship, including the CEO of Arplanet, Yizhen Bai, CEO of Velodash Co.,Ltd., Yanling Huang and CEO of Good Food Enterprise Co., Ltd, Huiru Zheng.

Through sharing and interaction with representatives of various economies, we can show how to enhance women’s economic strength and competitiveness, cultivate the amazing side of female entrepreneurship, and promote the dream and vitality of Taiwan’s women’s entrepreneurship.

Through the “2019 APEC International Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum” event, young students in the Asia-Pacific region can learn about China’s entrepreneurial environment and innovative education in the process of communicating with experts and scholars, and thus encourage young people from asia-Pacific to come to Taiwan to learn and start a business, and promote international exchange of views and economic integration through two-way exchanges and sharing.