【XR新創診療室 – 會計好朋友】

【XR新創診療室 – 會計好朋友】

[XR 新創診療室-會計好朋友] 又要在 Digi Space 開辦囉!




【XR新創診療室 – 會計好朋友】
活動地址: Digi Space共創空間1樓 (台北數位產業園區A棟),台北市大同區承德路3段287-2號1樓


This time, we will be discussing the fund-raising process in addition to the business model and future development, and to discuss the amount of capital raised and equity with the investors. The company’s valuation is an important factor affecting the equity structure.

Want to know how investors evaluate a company’s value? What are the preparations before negotiate valuations with investors? How should the equity be distributed? How to hold the right to operate the company?

🔍New venture capital raising and market description
🔍New startups evaluation
🔍Introduction to emerging mechanism/ IPO and acquisitions

【XR Startup Clinic: Accounting】
Date: 2019/11/18 (Mon.)
Time: 15:00-16:30
Add.: 1 Fl., Digi Space Event Venue (digiBlock Taipei-Building A), 1 Fl., No.287-2, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City

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